What is PEG?


Europe poster

At a time when Europe is being questioned culturally and politically, there is a need to re-think its significance. Adopting a postcolonial lens, the new Postcolonial Europe Group will bring into the spotlight a different map of Europe that is not solely shaped by its colonial legacy but also by different dynamics of subalternity, conditions of un/belonging, cultural, economic and geographical displacement.

The PEG will bring together scholars, activists and artists from across disciplines and fields to re-think critically and creatively the significance of Europe. It will focus particularly on a number of contested conjunctural spaces; from Europe’s Southern frontiers to its inner cities.

The aim  to bring together academics, activists and artists to think creatively about Europe in new ways. I hope PEG will create a series of meetings, events and projects that promote interdisciplinary research and links across Europe and beyond.